[F4M]Mommy Gets Her Femboy Ready for College [Script ...
[F4M]Mommy Gets Her Femboy Ready for College [Script Fill] [Gentle Femdom] [MD/lb/g][Mommy] [Caring] [Intimate] [Feminization] [Teasing] [No humiliation!] [Skirt] [Soft Panties] [Good Girl] [SensationPlay] [Silk] [Lace] [Handjob] [Pantyjob] [Cum Eating~] [Cum for Mommy!]

A caring Mommydomme gets her cute, subby femboy ready for college, cooing and coaxing and teasing and encouraging out his 'feminine' side, in the most sensual way she can~
Encouraging, gentle and loving. No humiliation or shaming here.

This script was written by Enno_Zalenno and was a lot of fun. hope you enjoy as well!

Posted by u/JayeWilde