[F4M] "Please, Mister, Don't Touch Me There!" [Age]...
[F4M] "Please, Mister, Don't Touch Me There!" [Age] [Rape] [Little Girl] [Adult Man] [Neighbors] [Fingering] [Oral Sex] [Virginity] [First Time] [Cumming Between Thighs] [MDom] [Fsub] [14:31 Minutes]

A girl is molested by a neighbor while trying to retrieve a ball out of his yard.


I wrote, performed and planned to sell 5 "age" themed audios as a bundle, with more themed bundles to come soon.

I'm not sure how much to charge, and I'm not even sure if my content is good enough to sell, that's why I need your help.

This audio is one of the original 5 that I had made for my age bundle.

If you can, tell me what you think about them? I can be reached on Twitter, or mollymolotov666@gmail.com.



-What sort of quality is this audio?: Professional, High Quality, Basic, Low Quality, or Complete Shit

-What would you pay for content like this; both as a single, as well as a 5 audio bundle of related content? (If you never pay for content, this is just hypothetical, if you did, how much would you actually pay? I'm just not trying to over-charge)

-How would you recommend that I improve on this audio's quality?

Posted by u/mollymolotov666