[M4F] Can We Platonically Cuddle, We Both Need It. [You...
[M4F] Can We Platonically Cuddle, We Both Need It. [You Should Be Asleep] [Platonic Cuddling] [Friends] [Singing] [It's NOT Weird]

"Times are tough for all of us so thanks for letting me stay here, and I'm sorry you've been having trouble sleeping, so have I, and, I'm really tired of sleeping alone. I think we both just need to cuddle someone, just as friends, I promise, it's not weird." This is my first attempt at this, so I'm sure that it could've been better, the singing wasn't as on point as I'd prefer but I lack time to properly record as is, so I might try this again later. I really hope it helps some people with their sleep problems, good sleep makes such a huge difference.

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