[M4F] Not Yet Stockholm Syndrome [Script Fill] [Msub]...
[M4F] Not Yet Stockholm Syndrome [Script Fill] [Msub] [Kissing] [Coercion] [Rape] [Abduction] [Whimpering] [Begging] [Manipulation] [Creampie] [Mutual orgasm] [No Condom] [Stockholm Syndrome] [Victim of a Yandere]

Background: She abducted him months ago, and now that the adrenaline has worn off they've settled into a domestic routine. He almost lets his guard down, until She decides to ask for more than a kiss in exchange for a phone call to his family.

Script by u/faefablelark

- Joker William Redmoore 8/01/2022



Posted by u/JokerWilliamRedmoore