[F4M] Mommy’s Tired of Hearing You Fuck Other Women...
[F4M] Mommy’s Tired of Hearing You Fuck Other Women [MD/lb][mommy-domme to sub][Milf][incest][no age][slow build] a lot of talking [riding][doggy][missionary][passionate][dirty talk][blowjob][some anal play][bareback][good boys][praising][creampie] as always

"I’ve noticed you’ve been bringing home more friends from college. And that’s great, you should enjoy yourself. They seem like nice people but I’ve also noticed.. umm. 

They’re all girls... and they leave in the middle of the night. 

What do you mean, how do I know? I hear them leaving. Our bedrooms aren’t that far apart. Not to mention the back door closing. "


Hi psstaudio! Here's my first script for this site. As many other writers, my scripts need another home. I wrote this as kind of a thank you to PsstAudio and PsstPastes. 

I hope you enjoy and feel free to make it your own! 


Disclaimers -- This is a fantasy script for adults by an adult. All characters are 18+

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