[F4M] [Script Fill] Alpha Woman and beta male Discover...
[F4M] [Script Fill] Alpha Woman and beta male Discover That They're a Perfect Match [D/s] [Fdom] [Msub] Playful [Humiliation] [Friends to Lovers] [SPH] Hints at [Cum eating] [Crossdressing] [Public Humiliation] mention of [Cuckold] [Caring Domme] [Gentle Domme]

Summary: Childhood friends are living together in college. The script starts off after the [F] speaker and [m] listener have played “Never Have I Ever.” During the game the listener was thoroughly humiliated by the speaker and her friends and everyone was turned on by the situation. Confused and terrified of ruining a close friendship with the listener the speaker goes home to try and get some answers from her close friend step mom. The script starts after return from there. Script by marcasalan.

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