[F4F] The Lair of Krampus [Script Fill] [Monstergirl]...
[F4F] The Lair of Krampus [Script Fill] [Monstergirl] [Krampus] [Ancient Entity] [Speaker has a cock] [Prey play] [F dom speaker] [Degradation] [Some praise] [Cunnilingus] [Breeding] [Possessive] [Check ins] [Some aftercare] [Christmas themed]

The listener is staying in the Austrian Alps for the holidays, getting away in a quaint cabin. But one night, she gets lost, passes out, and is whisked away by a large, terrifying monster deep in the woods. When she comes to, she sees who it is: Krampus, the speaker. Unlike most depictions, Krampus is a woman; and one who, true to form, seems to have more bestial intent. To her surprise however, the listener is less innocent than she seems and sympathetic to the lonely monster trying to seem scary.

This Holiday Script   Was written by QuietTraveler122 and I hope you enjoy

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