[F4M] Meeting The Father...
[F4M] Meeting The Father [Incest][Daughter][Cheating][Cuckold][Daddy][FSub][Obvious Free Use][Blowjob][Deepthroat][Throatpie][Doggy Style][Fucked Silly][Creampie][Mentions of Anal]

Girlfriend is introducing the listener to her Father, she warns him that her personality will change when she’s around her Father. The listener is expecting to see a more girlish, giggly side to her, instead he discovers that she turns into an incestuous, Daddy-loving cumslut.

The girlfriend starts out as a serious but worried person. Concerned over how the introduction will go. Once she joins up with her ‘Daddy’ her personality flips to being a very subby girl who willingly goes along with anything her father does to her with no regard for the listener. It has free use vibes to her reactions, she doesn’t try to fight it or think it’s strange. Just ‘Daddy’ being ‘Daddy.’

The listener takes on a very passive role, but also ‘Daddy’ acts as a secondary listener as neither parts ‘speak.’

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