[F4M ] Timeout from the Gift Circle [Script Fill] [GFE]...
[F4M ] Timeout from the Gift Circle [Script Fill] [GFE] [Christmas] [Faking A Cigarette Break] from [Family Tradition] [Car Ride] [Parking] [Semi-Public] [Mutual Masturbation] [JOI] [Edging] [T&D] [Gentle FDom] vibes[

You’re spending your first Christmas with your boyfriend’s family, and they have a little tradition: they sit in a circle and open gifts one by one, around and around again … which wouldn’t be so bad if his family wasn’t so big and if they didn’t buy each other so many damn presents. It’s taking forever and proving to be an endurance test for your social anxiety. Your boyfriend notices and cooks up a lie: you’re a smoker, and you forgot your cigarettes. Now you’re off on a run to the local Wawa for a pack. Thing is, you’re an ex-smoker, and the last ritual smoke you gave up when you quit was the post-fuck cigarette, so even the idea of smoking again gives you other ideas. So why not make the most of this short time alone together?

This Holiday Script  Was written by Scriptdoctornick and I hope you have a great holiday

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