[F4F] Enthralled by a Vampire on Prom Night [Script...
[F4F] Enthralled by a Vampire on Prom Night [Script Fill]fdom][fsub][mdom][rape][vampire][narrative][prom][blood draining][snuff][fingering][necro][crying][erotic horror][VERY DARK][adults][see post for tag breakdown]

A vampire (the speaker) is crashing the prom night of an unnamed high school. You (the listener) are her pray. It turns out, stalking victims on prom night is a tradition for this particular vampire as she seduces you and uses her powers to enthrall you before she lures you outside into an ally, removes your dress, plays with your pussy, and then drains your blood. Before she kills you though, she tells you the story of how she became a vampire, more than 40 years ago at her own prom. Please mind the tags, this story isn’t for everyone.

the script is here and find more of me here

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