[F4F] Slut Training 101 [Script Fill] [Dominant speaker]...
[F4F] Slut Training 101 [Script Fill] [Dominant speaker] [Submissive listener] [Slut training] [Promiscuity-based degradation] [Bathroom sex] [Collar & leash] [Cunnilingus] [Masturbation] [Patronizing] [Humiliation] [Speaker orgasms] [Listener orgasms]

A listener who has been used to being modest their whole life has been starting to take ownership of their sexuality, with the aid and support of the speaker. The listener makes a big jump by wearing their sluttiest outfit outside of their home yet, and get fucked and degraded by the speaker in a café bathroom.

this script was written by u/fallenfromvenus and I hope you enjoy it!

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Posted by u/JayeWilde