[F4M]Caged, Denied, and Teased, by Mommy [Script...
[F4M]Caged, Denied, and Teased, by Mommy [Script Fill][Gentle Femdom] [Incest] [?] [MDlb] [NTR] [Cuck] [Chastity] [Denial] [Teasing] [SPH] [Little Cock Teasing] [Voyeur] [Babytalk tease] [Belittling] [Patronizing] [Outercourse] [Dry-Humping] [Humiliation] [Messy Pantyjob finish] [ADULTS]

Your Mommydomme loves nothing more than teasing you. She's fine-tuned it to an art, and after flaring your jealousy and arousal up to eleven, with your cock all locked up in chastity, she gets down onto all fours and encourages you to hump her... And together, you watch on the TV, as she plays you a video she made just for you, one starring her, and her bull~

this script was written by Enno_Zalenno and was requested by a few different people. Enjoy!

Posted by u/JayeWilde