[F4M] Succubus Goes on a Date part 2 [Script...
[F4M] Succubus Goes on a Date part 2 [Script Fill][Public Play][Teasing][Surprises in a Box][Vibe Panties][FDom Sorta?][Sex in a Bathroom][Loud][So Many Fucks][Condoms save your Soul][Pound Me][Def not Vanilla but still Sweet]

Getting off shift is one of the best feelings for most office workers, imagine what it feels like for a succubus who just punched her clock after a long couple days of sucking, fucking, and eating souls through cum. So when a lowly clock maker invites her out for a third date, where she’s finally able to unwind, be herself, and have a little fun? Well, she’s sure to make a scene.

This script is by TheSomnambulistWolf and it was one that was requested i do. I hope you enjoy!

Posted by u/JayeWilde