[F4F] Fell! Asgore [Rape] [bondage] [breeding]...
[F4F] Fell! Asgore [Rape] [bondage] [breeding] [undertale] [bondage] [non-con] [video game] [fiction] [asgore dreemurr] [pervert asmr] [hurt] [agnst] [impregnation] [soul sex] [light gore]

You find yourself at the King of Monsters liar after haven fallen underground into the world of monsters. Now you must find your way out or be trapped forever. However, Asgore has other plans for you. DISCLAIMER:  Voice is of my own, the script is not! This is fantasy and in no shape real. Near the end of this audio you'll notice my voice begins to mess up cause I'm getting excited reading away as you listen.

Follow me into the Secret Side of Hell: https://discord.gg/egve5Z9dmj 

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