[F4M] Three Sisters' Gangbang Part 1 [Age Mention] [Gang...
[F4M] Three Sisters' Gangbang Part 1 [Age Mention] [Gang Rape] [Sisters] [Oral] [Anal] [Script Fill]

Summary: This reads like a kinky audio book, told in third person. Three sisters set out to sell cookies and find themselves in the hands of a gang of a perverts. 

This script was written by Ernie Walker and was commissioned by u/dgray

You can find u/dgray and myself at Pervert Paradise Discord Server  where dgray has more stories and naughty captions along with a lot of other creators! 

Disclaimer: This audio is fantasy & roleplay and was made for adult entertainment, is a work of fiction, and nothing is based in reality. The audio is not intended to be used as encouragement or instruction. The creator does not condone the activities

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