[F4A] Extreme Peversion Award Show [Age Mention]...
[F4A] Extreme Peversion Award Show [Age Mention] [Extreme] [Incest] [Futuristic Awards Show] [Mom of the Year] [BDSM] [Gangbang] [Bukkake] [Extreme Insertions] [Bimbofication] [Extreme Anal] [Gore Mention] [Many Fanasty Scenes]

This fantasy story is where I'm hosting an award show set in the future where every perversion is on the table. I am last year's former winner of Mom of the Year and I am presenting the finalists for the year. Many different scenes are painted and I even have extreme perverted commercial breaks.

Disclaimer: This audio is fantasy & roleplay and was made for adult entertainment, is a work of fiction, and nothing is based in reality. The audio is not intended to be used as encouragement or instruction. The creator does not condone the activities.

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