[F4M] Mommy Wants You To Breed Her In The Kitchen....
[F4M] Mommy Wants You To Breed Her In The Kitchen. [Incest] [Mommy] [Free Use] [Mother and Son] [Fsub] [Breeding] [Submissive and Breedable] [Sex in the kitchen] [Naked Apron] [Creampie] [Impregnation]

Mother and Son have been in an established Free-Use relationship, Listener has been trying to breed her for some time now and ‘Mommy’ is all too happy to accept. 

Listener wakes up after a long night of sex to find his ‘Mommy’ waiting for him wearing only an apron. Hoping to keep him around the house just a little longer, the tactic works well, very well.

Mother is written to be upbeat and playful, also a ‘little’ bit of a brat. She’s fully aware that she’s trying to seduce her son, but once he responds, she’s very ‘Submissive and Breedable’.

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