[MF4A] “The Pirate’s New Plaything” [Script Fill]...
[MF4A] “The Pirate’s New Plaything” [Script Fill] [Collab] with [Jammy_VA] [Rape]ish [MDom] [FSub] [Pirate] vs [Nun] [Nunsploitation] [Reluctant but Willing] [Historical Fiction] [Regency Period] [Sacrilege] [SFX]

PLOT: A nun has been discovered in a ship wreck on a deserted island by a pirate. She wants to be rescued, but her savior never does anything for free. Rape tag added to be safe, but the script is a bit more nuanced than that.


A special thanks to u/dominaexcrucior for inspiring this entire audio with their amazing pirate script, called "The Pirate and the Pearl Necklace."

And of course, a huge shout out to my co-star, u/jokingly_manic, for his amazing performance as The Dread Captain Iron Eye. This guy is the male version of me, I swear to god. If you like any of my work, you're gonna love his. Check him out from his subreddit, shared above.

SFX available at soundtrap.com.

MUSIC: Breviceps - "What Would You Do With A Drunken Sailor" and P. Howel - "Lillibullero" (Free Use)

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