[F4M][Script Offer] Milf Pornstar comes home from a long...
[F4M][Script Offer] Milf Pornstar comes home from a long day at work [Pornstar] [Loving Husband] [Established Relationship] [Milf][Lesbian][Blowjob][Anal][Gangbang][Dirty Talk][Over 18]

Milf Pornstar teases husband with the dirty details of her long day at work.

"Oh Sweetie. You are the best. I love how you welcome me with your warm hugs. God, I’m exhausted. "
"You remember how I told you I just had one lesbian scene in the morning and an audition in the afternoon."
"I love it when you get so curious about my work. (laughs) You want me to tell you all the dirty details."

To anyone interested in performing this script. Do feel free to change the words or phrases to suit your style. I am totally open and would love to be surprised by your take on it.
---- All characters are 18+. This script is written by adults, about adults and for adults. You do not have permission to repost, redistribute, or rehost without my written or direct consent.---

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