[F4M] Gentle Pegging [Script Fill][Fdom] [Msub] [GFD]...
[F4M] Gentle Pegging [Script Fill][Fdom] [Msub] [GFD] [Stress Relief] [Wholesome] [Good boy][Kissing][Dildo Sucking] [Rimming] [Anal Play] [Ass Fingering] [Pegging] [Good Boy] [Sweet] [Safe] [Tender] [Loving] [Owned] [Listener orgasm] [Aftercare]

After a stressful day, sometimes the best thing to do is just let someone take good care of you.

This script was written by the wonderful u/HorcruxesLadyHunter and I very much enjoyed it. 


Posted by u/JayeWilde