Just a note (updated: 11.15.21)
Just a note (updated: 11.15.21)

We're all adults here. Everything you hear me perform is written and recorded by adults for adults. Fantasy is fantasy. I don't feel like I should have to say this but- I will say I do not support or condone the abuse/mistreatment of women/men or children in any way. The things I support/partake in as fantasy versus reality are very much separate.

Supporting My Work:

I'm doing a collaboration with DubyaDee over on his fanbox https://dubyadee.fanbox.cc/ - Larynx Unleashed

I have been dabbling lately on FSA as well, but polished and lengthy performances will only be found here on Psst.

Want to make my day? Throw me a tip: https://ko-fi.com/indiffmiss


email: indifferentmistress@protonmail.com

I adore fan mail, but please don't use pet names to address me. I usually just go by Miss Antimony, or Antimony.

While I am preferring at this point in time to take on projects and scripts that pique my particular interests... I do have a commission rate.

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