[F4A][Script Offer] Instructing Bull how to fuck his...
[F4A][Script Offer] Instructing Bull how to fuck his wife [Hot Wife][Bull][Cuckold Husband][Phone][Rimming][Dirty Talk][Over 18]

Bull wants husband to tell him how to fuck his wife.

"He wants me to play a game, more like he wants “US” to play a game…. What game?"
"He wants you to tell him how to fuck your wife and he says he will only do what you instruct him to. So you need to tell him every small detail about how you want him to fuck me."
"You are going to be in control, baby. How would you like that?"

To Everyone who is interested in performing this script. Do feel free to change the words or phrases to suit your style. I am totally open and would love to be surprised by your take on it.
---- All characters are 18+. This script is written by adults, about adults and for adults---

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