[F4M/M] Mommy Sells her Good Boys Body [Script Fill][...
[F4M/M] Mommy Sells her Good Boys Body [Script Fill][ FDom] [Md/Lb] [Rape] [Manipulation] [First time] [Blowjob] [Anal] [Mommy is Present] [And Guides Him] [A lot of good boys] and [Praise][Listener orgasm] [Listener Is The Good Boy]

In this story, for whatever reason that we don't get to know, Mommy is selling her good boy's body to another man. Honestly, I am not one hundred percent sure she would have done it if she had another choice but still, that's not very nice of her (I talk about her like I didn't write her myself…first sign of insanity, checked). 

She is present and vigilant the whole time to make sure nothing really bad happens to her good boy, although the situation itself it's already pretty fucking bad. The boy knows what is about to happen, he doesn't really want to do it but he trusts his Mommy and knows that as long as she is there, everything will be all right. But, i mean…still totally rapey.

This script is by HorcruxesLadyHunter and was sent to me, as I love the forced by, even with this one being a bit rapey, it was still a fun read.

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