[F4M][Script Offer] Wife tries curing Husband's Anal...
[F4M][Script Offer] Wife tries curing Husband's Anal Obsession [Anal][Scent Play][Rimming][Anal Fingering][Dirty Talk][Extremely Dirty][Over 18]

Wife tries discouraging Husband's Anal Obsession by showing him how dirty and nasty anal sex really is through Exposure Therapy.

" Yes, I went through your browsing history. I know it’s just porn but I’m just worried about your obsession with anal sex. "
" You don’t want to stick your cock in the wrong hole, now do you baby?"
" Oh you're such a dirty boy. I am telling you why this is so wrong and dirty, and you are getting turned on by it. "

To anyone interested in performing this script. Do feel free to change the words or phrases to suit your style. I am totally open and would love to be surprised by your take on it.

---- All characters are 18+. This script is written by adults, about adults and for adults. Please get permission to repost, redistribute, or rehost ---

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