[F4M] [Script Fill] TV Meteorologist Gives You [JOI]...
[F4M] [Script Fill] TV Meteorologist Gives You [JOI] [4th Wall Break] [Weather Euphemisms] [Daydream] [News] [Weather Girl] [Slight Degradation] kinda [Gentle Fdom] kinda [Mean] [CFNM] [Countdown]

Premise: That hot TV news weather girl gives you [JOI]. It starts with a more-or-less mundane weather report, but the meteorological terminology gradually becomes more and more suggestive (as does the speaker’s tone) before a [4th wall break] where the weather girl sees what the listener is doing. After the listener orgasm, the dialogue returns to “normal” before she tosses it to the traffic reporter. Script by DrippingInnuendo.

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